Finance Broker Services Australia

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 20:26

If you are seeking finance or a loan, the services of a finance broker could save time and possibly money through comparing a range of banks, lenders, finance and loan options at the one time an in the one place.

Many finance brokers offer a wide range of options ranging from personal loans and asset finance such as novated leasing through to home loans, business finance, construction finance, or even debt consolidation or reduction plans.

Home buyers with no deposit for example may not realise that a finance broker may be able to offer several options that may be available to help them purchase a home sooner.

Property investors are often able to increase leverage and grow their investment portfolio with the assistance of a finance broker who has access to a wide range of banks and lenders and their product ranges.

A professional loan application, prepared by a finance broker on a loan applicants behalf, then submitted to a bank or lender whom the finance broker has previously calculated provides the highest potential of approving the loan can often prove much more successful than just applying at the local branch.

Finance brokers are able to track the progress of their loan applications after lodgement and keep their customers informed as to the progress with phone calls, email, SMS and mail. This should save applicants having to phone the bank and negotiate those virtual receptionists to see how the application is progressing.

Many finance brokers are equipped with advanced software systems which help with matching finance which may be available with individuals situations. The same advanced software systems can help the finance broker regularly check the suitability of that loan for their clients as time passes and other products and offers become available.

One of the best things about using a finance broker to choose and then apply for a loan is that most finance brokers do not charge their clients any extra for the service. A finance broker receives a commission from the bank or lender after the loan settles and this should not usually cost the borrower any more than if they had found and applied for the loan themselves! On top the no extra charge service to start with, an organised finance broker will regularly check the finance their customers have and advise at anytime if anything should be changed to a different product or even lender into the future.